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The group consists of 9 persons, plus our Tucan Travel-guide Patricia.
Most group members don't know each other until the start of this trip, although some of them travel as a couple.

Diederick (jingle producer, Netherlands)

Does eat everything, but especially fries with mayonaise and ketchup. Even fries that other people don't eat, he likes! Particularly in combination with orange juice. Likes to yell in open enironment a historical jingle, like 'Avro maandag, de beste maandag'.

Michiel Michiel (journalist, Netherlands)

Wel, that's me! I travel together with Diederick (we are good friends for many years already). We are a kind of anti-poles of each other. Maybe that's why we're such good travel partners... Me, I'm sometimes a little bit introvert, but then I might be enjoying myself most of everybody!

Femke en Otto Femke (management consultant, Netherlands)

Is Otto's girlfriend. They both really need a holiday. They've been working very hard for several months. Femke is one of the people who make loads of pictures. Some of those are placed on this site, too.

Otto (IT-consultant, Nederland)

Always positive, even when he is ill for several weeks. Well-organized - so when I was broke, he could lend me some money. Appeared to be the best pan-fluteplayer in the group. One of the reasons he went to Peru was to exercise his Spanish - and we liked that!!

Jenny Jenny (legal employee, England)

Typical British, quite decently, won't do any lunatic things. When we go to a swimming pool, she is the only one who uses the stairs into the water. She needs half an hour to get into the water. Later we recognize that se only seems to be like that, and that in fact she's quite funny.

Ronald Ronald (system operator, Belgium)

Seemed to be quite shy at first sight, but appeared not to be at all! He and Diederick were the only ones who climbed onto a waterfall during Inca Trail - and fell down immediate. Flemish language appears to be quite different of Dutch sometimes, resulting in some funny conversations.

Mike Mike (fire worker, Belgium)

Travels together with Ronald, but they're not a couple - although that appeared only after a while. Mike is the groups strong man. Without any problems he lifted Joanne up on  a stairs with 1.000 steps when she can't walk anymore. He is quite silent, but very interested.

Dawn Dawn (New-Zealand)

Gets a nickname: 'Kiwi'. Funny and odd, and also very intimate with everybody. So it had to happen: during this trip se falls in love with Diederick (they're still together!) She's also popular because she was so smart to take a CD-walkman with her, with a lot of good music.

Joanne Joanne (student, Canada)

Is the only one who is still studying (but she had a good job in a cafe!) As a result of that she has some extra freedom: when she falls in love with a local guide, she can decide to stay in Peru and go back to 'her' Juan in the jungle.

Patricia Patricia (travel guide, Spain)

Has to do a lot of nasty work, when Peruvians screw up their promises: when our bus leaves too early, or when officials on the airport irritate. Is a little insecure about her work, but we are very proud of her!

Elisabeth Elisabeth (accountant, Australia)

Joins our group a week later.  Seems to have some difficulties with that, because the rest of the group is quite close to each other then. During Inca Trail I join here quite some time.

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